Thursday, January 15, 2009

I swear

If this happens again, I might as well go die in a hole. (There, I said it.) At least it won't be as painful as this.
I'm not talking about the 2 mile event I was forced to run yesterday, even though that was the worst pain I've gone through in a long time. The first 11 laps were a breeze, but the last 11 laps was a 7 minute battle in which I failed miserably. I didn't actually stop in the middle of the track and walk, I just gave up mentally. And that is the second worst thing a runner can do during a race. As a whole group of Reading girls passed me, I lost the motivation to strive to the top. Slowly, I lost hope, the last bit was left clinging on the edge at my last two laps.
Even though I still will not forgive myself for giving up that night, I don't regret the experience at all. Running the 2 mile event made me a stronger runner, and even stronger mentally.
Sometimes you need to fall before you can rise to great heights.

ANYWAY, what I was talking about before...will just be kept to myself. :)

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