Saturday, January 3, 2009

I miss Switzerland.

I miss Club Med; Regev, Fleur, Guido and everyone else. I miss my snowboarding instructor, Joseph, always shouting 'bend yours knees' when I made fragile turns. I miss snowboarding in the alps and the breath taking views of the snowy mountains. I miss curly kid and his crazy dancing, along with good-looking family and their knicks. I miss the endless tables of mouth watering desserts that made me tingle with happiness inside. I miss the feeling of accomplishment after a long day of snowboarding. I miss how all my bruises made me look like a misplaced dalmation. I miss the laughter shared with my cousins after singing songs out the hotel windows. I miss making miniature snowmen with flat screen tv's and giant bunnies on their couches. I miss seeing people preparing to sacrifice santa. I miss the yummy waffles and the confectioner sugar smothered all over our mouths. I miss roaming the hotel floors and pretending to be ninjas. I miss the 'shitty hill...shitty lift...shitty snow.' I miss stalking the mafia couple and checking out their shiny shoes. I miss the dancing competition we never finished. I miss the sound of my aunt scolding everyone around her.
Take me back.

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