Monday, February 16, 2009

excuses, excuses

Miley Cyrus has been accused of racism against Asians after a controversial photo was published. The following photo was distributed online, of Cyrus and friends pulling their eyes slanted while sitting next to an unidentified Asian American boy.

HAHA why am I not surprised?! Miley Cyrus has once again, plunged herself into a sloppy mess.
...hopefully, my 9 year old family friend, who wants to be the next hannah montana, doesn't see this.

Don't you just hate it when you try to make plans, but your friends fail to respond? For example,
Hey, you want to go to Harvard sq. with me tomorrow?
Uhh...I don't know...not sure...depends...
Okay. So, ends up responding an hour before the 'plan' is supposed to take action. I mean, WHAT IS THIS?!?! Even better; if you don't want to hang out, then just say NO. One syllable- easy enough.
When you make plans with friends, and then they cancel last minute. Are you serious?!?!? I understand if it's a one time thing, but if it's constantly the same excuse...
just don't bother.

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